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Hello, my name is Alexander, I'm 20 years old from Sweden, I've played WoW on and off since the early days of creating multiple Trial accounts in Vanilla, to start raiding in WotLK and getting into more serious Heroic progression in Cataclysm. I've recently returned in Legion of the Tomb of Sargeras release from many months of raiding on the Vanilla server Nostalrius (aka Elysium/Lights Hope) where i played a Rogue and progressed through all the content, most prestigious AQ40 and Naxx 40 clear. I'm currently playing Warrior and Priest, mainly Fury and Disc/Shadow, but i try to master and be viable in all specs. I started out casually in Legion but i decided to progress more through the last Mythic content in Legion and i'm feeling happy with the current guild and friends I'm surrounded by.

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