Vindicta Nocturna is a late night guild that was founded in late August 2017 by a group of friends that played well together for a long time, some of whom have been playing together for more then 7 years. The idea behind the guild was to make our own community that would stand out from the rest, where like minded people can enjoy the game in a friendly, enjoyable and non stressful environment, where people can socialize, make new friends, be able to progress current content, as well as improve their individual skills and team skills alike.

We started off with late Tomb of Sargeras raiding content where we tried to clear as much as we could while still building a good and stable roster. Back then we had a lot of issues that are common for a newly formed guild, but luckily we managed to overcome those obstacles and form a solid raiding team. Even though it was too late to progress in ToS we did manage to clear a couple of mythic bosses and prepare for the next upcoming raid. Currently we are progressing Antorus, the Burning Throne in Mythic difficulty and are looking to clear everything as soon as possible.

We offer not only a stable and friendly based raiding experience for the current content, but a solid leadership built on trust and respect. We work as a team to overcome any obstacles and we value each members opinion as well as encourage freedom of speech.

We believe that we offer a unique place where players can personally develop and progress content with only 9 hours per week raiding schedule as well as have fun while doing it!

We also believe that exploring the content outside of raiding times with our fellow members is a key part of the game therefore we try to organize other events as well (e.g. PVP, World content, Mythic + runs, and other challenges that the game throws at us).